let us introduce ourselves

Since you found us, it's probably safe to assume you were looking for us; for something like us. Rest easy fellow hacker, you are not alone here at Western. The Computer Club at Western Michigan University is an ancient and powerful order of techno wizards and mystics. Before WMU had a Computer Science department, it had The Computer Club.

Over the years our base of members and alumni has spread and our influence of global domination has grown. Our alumni have infiltrated WMU staff positions and well established Silicon Valley companies. Our real-world social network of members provides a great resource to those seeking jobs, mentorship, and the fellowship of other inquisitive minds.

Interested parties often linger in our midst for weeks before deciding if they want to become proper dues-paying members and we encourage you to do the same. Come learn what we are all about. If you are new to computers, electronics, and technology, don't feel intimidated. We value curiosity as much as knowledge; everyone has something to offer.

wanna join?

Just head down to Kohrman Hall, Room 2244 during office hours or on any Thursday at 6pm. A one-year membership costs $10 and gets you:

  • An account on the Club server, complete with SSH privileges
  • Web hosting
  • Discounts on entry to PLAN, snacks, drinks, etc
  • Access to the club room