Let's introduce ourselves…


Computer club accepts and encourages students of all majors and experience levels to join. Our group of current members and alumni are a great resource of knowledge and job opportunities in multiple computer related jobs off campus and across the country.


Computer club works on a range of projects involving programming, security, electronics, locks, and more. Members are encouraged to bring up new project ideas and get involved in current projects. You also get access to our personal computer club server as a member. Here you can chat with current members, and join specific channels based on your interests.


If you have any interest in computers at all, need help in your programming classes, or even just want to learn more about concepts you have been introduced to, computer club has members who all have different knowledge to contribute.

When & Where

For the summer, meetings are currently weekly on Thursdays at 6pm. Meetings are held in our office at 2244 Kohrman Hall on main campus. If you are interested in joining, please attend any meeting, or stop by during posted office hours.

Still not convinced?

Our members give presentations and do write-ups about intersting work they do; you can read about it on Planet CCoWMU and even see what a meeting might entail by checking out our meeting minutes.